Integrated MES + Yield Management

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Intelligent Manufacturing Software Systems

Manage NPI to volume production for advanced electronic & medical devices

Enforce unit serial and batch traceability, for highly regulated industries

Automate data capture and processing directly from machines & IoT devices

Automate data capture and processing directly from suppliers

Inventory transaction automation, integration with MRP/ERP

Deploy on premise or in the cloud within weeks with minimal IT costs

Driving Innovation and Scale For

Software that adapts to your processes.
So you keep your competitive edge.

Our solutions do not put your operations into a one-size-fits-all box.
We enhance your competitive advantages while improving data integrity and operational control.
Deployable without any additional IT or operations overhead.

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Our Mission is to deliver an exceptional Manufacturing Execution System and Yield Management platform that drives innovation and operational excellence. By leveraging automation and data capture technologies on the production floor and engineering lab, we bring traceability, IoT integration and data driven decisions to your manufacturing operations. Backed by 20 years of global high tech engineering and manufacturing experience, our solutions break the accessibility and integration limitations of existing software systems – putting data driven innovation and improvements in your hands.

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