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Why Datacard?

Access the data your way, the way you need to see it.

Datacard is a powerful, intuitive, real-time yield management system. Integrates directly with our MES solution for automated product performance analysis. Full suite of interactive graphical reporting tools, customizable by users. And you can directly access the data from external software.

Analytics Agility

  • Real time
  • Root Cause
  • What-if

Rapid ROI

  • Yield Management / Improvement
  • Quality control testing
  • Reduced test time

Unrivaled Power

  • Automated outlier detection & removal
  • Direct Integration with computing tools: JMP,MATLAB, LabVIEW, and Minitab
  • Seamless scalability

"... improved yield by 95% and overall product quality by 25%"

Leading Photonics Chip Supplier

Datacard Features

You need power. Not Modules. All features included.

Custom Dashboard

Datacard brings your yield analysis to you in your way. With Datacard's customizable dashboard you decide which reports you see first. View reports shared with you in single click of the mouse. No other system reaches this level of customized organization.

Data Queries

Datacard's data selection tool is intuitive and effective. Filter your data by Mode, Lot, Sub-lot, Product Family, Serial IDs, Part Revision, and so on. Once you've selected the data set you want to analyze, either jump directly into Yield analysis or view a tabular summary. Love to see Wafer plotting? Data select feature can generate wafer reports in seconds.

Serverside Process Control

Let's face it. You are working with big data. Sometimes your system can be bogged down by several users banging on your Database at the same time. With Datacard's select and insertion process control feature, you can monitor, kill, and restrict server side processes to ensure nothing is tying up your system during crucial production periods.

System Administration and Direct DB Access

Re-imagine the way you manage your data. No need to bug your IT manager to manage the datasets being fed into your Yield Management system from your test tools. The data manager tool allows administrators to see when their data has entered the system and gives them the power to clean up after they are done. In addition, administrators can create unlimited users with a variety of access roles. Give users direct acces to the data (ODBC) without the delay.

Report Generator

Build your reports the way you want to see them. Our fully integrated report generator gives you unprecented Yield Reporting from a system this lightweight. Never before have your engineers been able to generate in-application reports this customizable and robust. With Datacard's report generator, you can skip the cumbersome process of exporting data to external tools. Instead, create beatiful and impactful charting directly in your Yield Analysis tool.

Report Collaboration and Templating

Datacard has broken the mold with the most powerful report template generator on the market. Our Template generator allows engineers to view an unlimited number of yield reports side by side in an unrivaled timeframe. The tool is powerful and not for beginners, but once you have your templates in place, simply refine your dataset and start comparing deep yield analyses like never before. You can print, save as PDF, and even share your reports directly in the application with your team. Users can even comment and give feedback on trends they are seeing.
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Success Stories/Case Studies

We focus on results

Case Study #1

$2 Million in Annual Savings with Multi-Factory Installs

What was the need?

Large multi-national cable manufacturer required a Yield Management system that would provide visibility and quality control testing. Pushing massive volumes, this manufacturer needed something that could scale across multiple factory lines and maintain a high level of performance.


Datacard was deployed in less than one week with absolutely no additional IT overhead required to bring the system up. We worked closely with engineering to deploy multi-site replication enabling real-time visibility across their global factories.

What was the ROI?

$40k per week savings

Case Study #2

Runcard + Datacard Integration Reduces NPI Costs and Ramps Production at Fast-growing Silicon-photonics Manufacturer

What was the need?

Operations needed a system that could reduce NPI cycle time and increase operator efficiency. Engineering required immediate access to to yield and product performance data.


Runcard and Datacard were installed in less than 4 weeks, with follow on consulting to bring about additional process improvement and effeciency to the operations as a whole. With improved visibility from wafer die level all the way to final module assembly, production yield improvements and higher volume output were acheived quickly.

What was the ROI?

Reduced operator overhead per unit from 7% to 0.16% on higher volume production. Higher product yield and performance improvement acheived to gain greater market share.

Case Study #3

Innovative bio-medical device manufacturer brings production to scale in less than 2 months with Datacard + Runcard

What was the need?

Operations lacked full traceability due to dependencies on spreadsheets and manual tracking of product builds. Product performance and yield data was isolated to individual tester systems, with no central means of analyzing across these various systems. Barcode labeling was done manually requiring user entered data at time of print.


Within 6 months their product traceability was digitized removing spreadsheets and manual data entry, resulting in end to end traceability of materials received to assembled product shipped. Product performance and yield data was centralized providing a means to analyze yields across process and product performance. Finally, with direct barcode label integration, labels could now be printed automatically from any station with no manual entry required.

What was the ROI?

Digitization of the entire production processs has resulted in significant yield improvement, with a higher order of traceability, enabling high volume scale in order to meet the market demands.

Case Study #4

Space Military customer cuts data entry time in half with Runcard

What was the need?

This customer has an extremely complex process, and a product requiring high levels of reliablity in the field. This reliability requirement resulted in manual validation of all tests and assembly steps in order to prevent any incorrect settings and configuration of the product.


The deployment of Runcard enabled immediate use of advanced automation capabilities, specifically machine-to-machine communication. Product settings and configurations are now stored per the process of record, retrievable by test systems for automated product performance validation and calibration.

What was the ROI?

High reliablility testing of the product is now automatically executed, without the need for manual validation. This has resulted in 50% labor savings.