Real-time Quality and Yield Data Storage & Management

Assembly, test and supplier data capture, with advanced analytics and SPC. From control charts, trend charts, histograms, and box plots, to semiconductor wafer mapping.

Why DataCard?

Real-time product, machine, sensor and supplier data capture for advanced reporting and automation.

DataCard is a powerful and intuitive yield management system that automatically captures and stores tester, machine and  supplier data in real-time.

Production performance monitoring, device characterization analysis, and genealogy traceability, all in a single platform.

Real-time data capture of IIoT machine, sensor, test, inspection, wafer, assembly map, log data, and more.

Accessible from a secure browser connection anywhere on your network, product quality and yield is monitored using an extensive suite of customizable charts and tabular summaries.

Deployed as a stand-alone system, or integrated directly with our MES solution for automated quality control, with advanced data translation capability for supplier and machine data interchange.

DataCard is the solution of choice for today’s advanced product and process yield management needs, with direct connectivity for expanded data mining and integration with external scientific and business intelligence tools.

Self managed, with automated administration monitors and alerts, zero dedicated IT/engineering required.

DataCard System Benefits

  • Real-time
  • Root Cause
  • Trends
Rapid ROI
  • Yield improvement
  • Performance improvement
  • Test time reduction
Powerful Capabilities
  • Customized analytics with outlier exclusion
  • Direct integration with computing tools: JMP, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and Minitab
  • Seamless scalability

DataCard Features

Datacard provides both volume production analysis and new product characterization analysis in one tool. One-click charts and tables provide quick access to yield trends, bin paretos, parametric distributions, wafer maps, and more. Users can generate customized reports for more targeted analyses, across all manner of parameters and conditions. Reports can shared for interactive collaboration, and added to dashboard views, accessible anywhere from a browser.

Users can directly access data from other software tools and scripting languages, such as JMP, MatLab, LabVIEW, Minitab, R, and Python. This increases the power of analysis across the organization, bringing deeper insights based on more complex algorithmic scripting. Users have the ability to monitor and control their own individual query connections to the database. No database administration staffing is required.

DataCard requires no additional IT resources to support. As a self-managed system, all the tools necessary for managing data feeds and users are available in simple to use interfaces.

Data searches are intuitive and powerful, with the ability to filter by Product, Lot, Sub-lot, Wafer, Product Family, Serial Number, Program, Process and more. All factory generated test data can be stored in DataCard for rapid retrieval and analysis. This includes all logical, parametric and applied condition data.

DataCard can be integrated into the production assembly line, for automated data monitoring. Product line specific dashboard monitors can be created, for live broadcast on the shop floor. Test and measurement systems can be configured to query DataCard for feed-forward quality control analysis, and advanced outlier screening. Automated yield excursion controls can now be implemented on the factory floor.

DataCard natively stores data from multiple sources. File types include XML, TXT, CSV, STDF, ATDF, and SINF. Test and assembly data from Teradyne, Agilent/HP, Credence, BESI, AifoTech, and other systems is supported. Supplier data sources include TSMC, Amkor, STMicroelectronics, Delta Electronics, Fabrinet, SOITEC, IMT, GDSI, and Corwil. Customized data parsers can be provided for any additional data source.