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Cybercrime Set to Rise in 2021: How Intraratio Protects Factory Data

In 2020, cybercrime has plagued many businesses as corporations adjusted to the new pandemic landscape and planning for a less strenuous future. The global costs for these data breaches added up to a whopping $1 trillion, according to CSIS research. With the pandemic still calling for a remote workforce that needs to be properly secured, there’s a chance cybercrime will still be a problem as the year pushes forward.

Intraratio has been dedicated to the security of our customers’ data and operational capability since our inception.  We are committed to partnering with your IT organization on all security and data integrity requirements.

Here’s how we have built security into our solutions:

On login, each user has an account that is separate from other network management software. Passwords are fully encrypted and accounts are blocked after a certain number of attempts, requiring an administrator to login and reset the account.  

Once inside the app, user accounts are role based, limited to only seeing data that pertains to their role.

Intraratio solutions are deployed on linux servers within the customer’s network, therefore fully under control of a customer’s IT infrastructure. The only direct connections to these Linux servers is via HTTPS for users, and via a network mount for machine and tester data file transfers.  An island within your network, listening and responding to transaction requests.  Nothing more.  This simplifies security.

Most importantly, secondary servers are set up for backup and failover replication.  So if there is an event on the production server, the backup can immediately take over so your operations continue to run.  Upon unplanned power outages or network connectivity issues, the databases log and track all events, and automatically recover.  This ensures zero loss or corruption of any data.

We are committed to ensuring your data and operational execution is protected, with the ability to manage and recover when faced with cyber security threats.

The Process

  • Encryption
  • Passwords fully encrypted and managed separately from other network management software. This means your data is secured within its own component and is inaccessible without a password
  • Control
  • API Access can be controlled per user, per machine with unique access keys per each account

  • Recovery
  • Recover from a system failure near instantly. Backup server can be equipped with its own separate access control

Our process ensures no data loss or corruption, keeping your factory line running smoothly.

Intraratio drives operational efficiencies in highly integrated manufacturing through affordable IT systems that leverage real-time data analytics and automation. Our rapid deployment solutions are designed for manufacturers who demand deep technical traceability, adaptability and data driven execution. We have solutions deployed globally and our platforms bring true visibility & scale to manufacturing operations all over the world. Learn more information by visiting us at or contact us.