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Serialized Traceability: The Competitive Advantage

Serialized traceability can increase efficiency within your manufacturing operations in just a few months. The ability to granularly track products, BOMs  and workflow,  provides a huge competitive advantage in today’s market and beyond.  In this article, we will review what exactly  traceability vs serialized traceability is, how it can improve your operations and the competitive advantages it can bring to your corporation.

What is Traceability?

Traceability is the ability to track every aspect of manufacturing and distributing a product, for example: from “kit to pack”. It allows producers to track and trace each component that comprises a product, from the suppliers, through the manufacturing process and, eventually, to the final consumer.

Organizations that implement traceability procedures and systems are able to access historical information about their products, including:

  • Origination of components
  • Inspection notes
  • Production lifecycle
  • Time spent at each workstation
  • Product destinations

Traceability tracks your production process  but what if you need to know more? Such as yield correlation across process changes?  Or other factory induced variables? This is where serialized traceability comes in.

What is Serialized Traceability?

Serialized unit traceability provides for complete genealogy, including material and component supplier source information, product testing and QA results.

Only Intraratio takes this to the next level, with integrated product yield and performance data.

This rich set of data provides unparalleled ability to correlate production yield against all factory induced variables.

Examples include:

  • Operators
  • Machines
  • Suppliers
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Environment

And even physical product movement within carrier based containers, such as waffle packs, trays, racks, cartons, and more.

Deep traceability has been successfully achieved for products used in space and military communications systems, to advanced medical diagnostic systems using silicon photonics.  

If you need more insight, just watch this  video on RunCard’s traceability capabilities.

How will this Level of Traceability Improve my Operations?

The benefits of product serialization are immense.  From supply chain visibility, to improving manufacturability, to enabling rapid ramp and scale, this level of production tracking is just as imperative to corporate partners as it is to engineers/staff on the production floor.

By having access to such granular production floor data, that tracks a product such as a small chip on a final module, you gain full transparency into your production line allowing for:

  • More accurate demand forecasting
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Granular control over all points in the supply chain
  • Access detailed information on origin and manufacturing processes
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Cost and risk reduction

Now that you have the data, let’s discuss how exactly it gives your organization the competitive advantage.

The Competitive Edge

Serialized traceability can enable distributors to track the manufacturing entities upstream and monitor which products are defective, current part  inventory and processes. This helps maintain great relationships with vendors and suppliers and as mentioned, this data can be shared with suppliers who need to track inventory and gain insight on in depth production data set for specific products.

For example, if some products are completing the production run with defects, it is useful to have full visibility to correctly identify and resolve the issue.

They may not have stopped through a particular station for a quality check. Or all defective products were handled by the same operator, which could mean gaps  in  operator/engineer training. Or there may be a machine that needs maintenance.  Or you may have a supplier component issue.

Knowing that you have a pulse on all channels of production, allows less room for error, guaranteed increase in productivity thus getting products to market faster.

Bottomline - Stop using spreadsheets and paper to track your manufacturing operations and let Intraratio help you gain access to all of the benefits of real-time traceability and automation.

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