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What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?


Businesses are currently leveraging the power of modern technology to achieve viability in the highly competitive manufacturing arena. Executives, managers and shop floor machine operators are all seeking ways to meet the challenge of concurrently increasing output, reducing costs and keeping quality high. One recent study revealed that at least 83% of manufacturers have either implemented or are investigating the new breed of smart manufacturing systems.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) help businesses reach the goal of more efficient operational decision making by processing the flood of information required to utilize production capacity fully and minimize errors. MES interprets the data it collects from electronic process control systems, makes adjustments to optimize operations in real time and shares detailed results in human form through advanced reporting capabilities.

Real-Time Corrections and Insightful Reports

MES communicates with mechanical processes on the production line through sensors and utilizes continual feedback loops to monitor physical activities, capture data and evaluate efficiency. The program then feeds the results back into the system to make adjustments to keep everything running smoothly.

A fully integrated MES electronically checks machine operation to ensure that all factors remain within required performance specifications. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) reporting helps catch tolerance drift early and sagaciously alerts personnel so they can make necessary corrections before unforeseen mechanical failures slow down or stop production altogether.

MES also accounts for factors such as material quantities, work rates, process efficiencies and other similar factors. It adjusts workers’ schedules, orders and deliveries, job batch timing and other related areas to minimize any wastefulness present in the manufacturing process.

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Accurate Process Recording

Additionally, MES keeps track of each step in the manufacturing process. This capture and playback ability allows engineers and manufacturing technicians to deconstruct each process action virtually and sift for inefficiencies. The ability to acquire and share detailed build statistics, or traceability, is an invaluable asset in industries such as pharmaceuticals and aviation in which the government requires companies to maintain granular records of the manufacturing process.

Vital Part of the Operational Engine

Designed to work explicitly to provide crucial real-time line production specifics to production personnel, MES also acts as a vital communication channel for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). MES helps to elevate the organization as a whole by opening clear viewports, conveniently accessible through web-enabled devices, for business and financial teams to perceive and absorb data from the manufacturing side of the company.

Guidance for Better Manufacturing Operations

Intraratio can help you discover the power of MES and yield management systems for your manufacturing process. Arrange now to speak with an MES expert who can guide you through the ins and outs of customizing an advanced solution for your operation.