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Unprecedented Power and Scale for

High Tech Manufacturing

RunCard: Powerful Manufacturing Execution System

RunCard is an MES born from product engineering DNA.

Why RunCard?

RunCard is a powerful Manufacturing Execution System that provides unprecedented traceability and control of your shop floor operations. Rapid prototyping to high volume scale configurations. Create and manage digital shop floor run cards with work orders, build plans, BOMs, process flows, and SPC monitors.

RunCard dramatically reduces engineering costs and improves assembly cycle times, in order to accelerate product development and production volume ramp. Get your product to market faster, with lower costs and higher quality.

RunCard System Benefits:

Operational Improvement

  • Paper reduction
  • Work flow management
  • Integration with enterprise platforms
  • Browser accessible

99.9998% Uptime

Rapid ROI

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Minimal training costs and risks
  • Continuous improvement
  • Inventory management

Customers have experienced up to:

20x ROI

Systemic Improvement

  • Product genealogy tracking
  • Performance tracking
  • Quality control

Deep Product Traceability

RunCard System Features:

Data Capture

Capture step-by-step shop floor assembly data using intuitive interfaces accessible via any browser-enabled device: PC, tablet, mobile phone, or customized module interface. Automate data capture and unit transactions directly from machines, using robust web services (API), direct ODBC, and file transfer. Completely automate specific test and assembly steps.s

Job Scheduling

Let Runcard help you make important operations decisions. Analyze cycle times to determine if you will be able to meet a customer's demand, or review process step yield to determine common failure points. Our planning features help identify and resolve bottlenecks in order to increase throughput.

OEE & Machine Interface

Manage all of your machines within one system. RunCard's Machine Management Resource feature allows you to take machines down for maintenance and track the downtime for measuring and reporting machine availability. In addition, RunCard's fully integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reporting tools allow you to dive deep into your shop floor performance, to pinpoint inefficiencies and improve yields.

Inventory Management

RunCard's Inventory management feature gives unparalleled visibility into part and material location tracking in a system this light and easy to deploy. Track Bin location for WIP, Receiving, Shipping, Warehouse, Finished Goods, and Scrap.

Comprehensive Reporting

Built in Real-time Reporting for:
  • Running Status
  • Job Schedule
  • Inventory Status
  • Z-Score Monitor

Or mine your data directly with Data queries and our custom report generator

Product/Process Configuration

Build your product the way you want. Not just the way your MES allows.
  • Work-orders
  • Products
  • BOMs
  • Parts
RunCard is flexible enough to adapt to any work flow. Process engineers will spend less time on workarounds and more time improving processes.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive an email or SMS alert for nearly any event in your system. Event monitors can be configured to block material movement when there are exceptions, or engineering holds specified, with a customized message displayed to the operator. Monitors can be applied at the product level, work order level, on a process step, and specific serialized units or lots.

ERP/Accounting Integration

Thanks to RunCard's robust and easy to configure web services, your MES can communicate directly to your Accounting department. See your shop floor in real-time, linking operations to your business performance with ease.